About Us

Our Mission

To intelligently and efficiently deploy monetary and human capital to acquire and develop oil and gas assets in a manner that honors our core values as a company in order to deliver top tier returns to our shareholders and enhance the lives of our stakeholders.

About Us

LOGOS Resources II, an ArcLight portfolio company, is an oil and gas acquisitions and development company focused on acquiring and developing assets in the San Juan Basin. The company was formed in 2016 with an initial capital commitment of $150 million and currently owns approximately 270,000 net acres with current production of approximately 90 MMcfepd. LOGOS' predecessor, LOGOS Resources, was backed by ArcLight with a capital commitment of $100 million and successfully sold the majority of its assets in Q3 2014. For more information, please visit LOGOS' website at www.logosresourcesllc.com.


LOGOS Resources is actively acquiring assets in the San Juan Basin region, please contact us if you are considering a divestiture in the San Juan Basin.

Interest Owners

Please contact us with questions you may have regarding your interests.